Dr.Masashi Sonobe : Director

Specialist for Implants & Periodontics (Gum disease) I hope foreigners donft have stress when visiting our dental clinic.

Dr.Taeko Sonobe

Specialist for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr.Ryoko Yoshimura

Specialist for Orthodontics (Braces)

Our Staff

Yuuki(Receptionist), Kana(Hygienist),Hiromi(Hygienist)



You will be greeted kindly & with a warm smile.Please fill out a questionnaire. Feel free to speak & write in English.

Waiting room

You can relax and enjoy with aroma & healing music &Sometimes Jazz music.

Interview room

We listen carefully toyour wishes and concerns.We provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Cure room

We are able to respond with the most effective and appropriate treatment utilizing digital equipment.

Operation room

State of the art operation room is safe and comfortable. For Implants , Plastic surgery.

Whitening Salon

You can take teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in a relaxing atmosphere.

From Initial contact to treatment completion